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Eco Friendly Cleaning Is An Important Part Of Life
03Apr 2014
Eco Friendly Cleaning Is An Important Part Of LifeThe state of the planet is no laughing matter, and you will likely be all too aware that you as an individual who lives upon this earth are responsible for contributing to the cause of ensuring that it lasts as long as possible. This basically means that you can be finding ways in all parts of your life to ensure that you are recycling, reducing your toxic emissions, and generally ensuring that all things are working towards the same idea of preserving the planet. You will likely be surprised to find that there are many environmental aspects in the cleaning that people do every day to be addressed, as refusing to acknowledge these things is to fail to understand quite how much of an issue these environmental problems that we face are.For a start, there is a fundamental issue in the way in which the cleaning industry is geared up towards selling the consumer their cleaning goods. As far as big business goes, sustainability is not the key, as it is the opposite that keeps you buying new things, week after week. It is consistent sales, rather than one off larger sales that these sorts of companies are looking for, as the cleaning industry is not like a luxury fashion house - being conscientious does not matter to them, profit does. If the cheapest way to make a profit involves making a bucket from plastic in china and then shipping it all over the world to be sold for very little, then that is how they will do it. It matters very little that this bucket will be thin and will therefore slop water everywhere as it bends with use, or that the wire handle will probably fail as you carry it up the stairs, all they care about is the fact that you will be buying a new one soon! The same goes for the J-cloth, the paper towel, and the disposable sponge that are all so prevalent in our homes. These products require repeat buying, which is bad for you, but that means repeat manufacture, which is bad for the environment, as the processes that are used in making such things will use various sources of energy that both tax the earth of its natural resources and contribute gasses to the weathering of the ozone layer. Clearly your input into this process is minor, but with the combination of these process as well as the toxic chemicals used in cleaning products that end up in the water that supplies life to thousands of eco systems across the country, there needs to be some sort of mass effort to prevent these horrible practices from continuing, and only singular contributions to the cause will be of any help. If you feel like you are ready to start contributing to the cause, you can easily begin, by simply buying more ecological cleaning products, and more responsibly sourced tools. For instance, if you find a brand of washing up liquid or surface cleaner, that uses minerals and plant extracts rather than bleach and other nasty things, then you are already helping, just make sure you recycle the bottle when you are finished! Rather than using a tacky plastic mop and bucket, you can use a wood mop and a metal bucket, made in England, that will cost you a little more, but last you for years if treated correctly! You will also be reducing the air miles as well as supporting local industry, which is very important.