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     For truly professional cleaners, Cleaning Company Twickenham should be your go-to - having tried them more than once now, they never fail to impress me.
Sofia M.02/05/2023
     My experience with Twickenham Cleaning Services was very positive, they clearly know what they are doing and just get on with it. Great cleaning service.
Harrison Channey13/12/2017
     I hired Cleaning Company Twickenham to take care of my oven cleaning for me. I have to tell everyone reading this review that this company are excellent value for money. They did a really good job and I didn't even notice they we're in my house because they we're so fast and efficient. My oven looks spotless now and I couldn't be happier. They also took care of some other kitchen cleaning jobs I had and I will be using them again. Thank you!
R. Spears 15/03/2016
     Generally, I can handle my own cleaning but recently, thins got out of hand. In order to get my house cleaned quickly, I hired Twickenham Cleaner. Their staff tackled my entire home, making it clean once again. I can handle things from here but if things get out of hand, I'll give them a call again.
Carl Smith31/07/2015
     My cousin's engagement was at my place and in the rush to sort everything else out, totally forgot to clean the place. I was mortified and barely had a few hours to clean it up. I quickly called Twickenham Cleaner and they instantly sent an available cleaner to help. Thank you for saving face for me!
     Thanks so much Twickenham-Cleaners, I am so glad I called them when I did! My studio had suffered an incident and frankly, getting it cleaned was beyond me. I was willing to spend a bomb on it until someone told me that this company offers the same kind of services for the same price. I was apprehensive at first, to be honest, but I went for them and to my surprise, they were extremely generous about it. They did not complain about the amount of work they had to do and charged me reasonably for it. Thank you so much guys! You were a lifesaver!
R. Maxx18/02/2015
     Last Christmas my partner and I threw a house party for all our friends and family. When we woke up the next morning and saw the state of our usually tidy home, we panicked! A friend recommended that we call Twickenham-Cleaners and after speaking to a professional member of your staff, we were pleasantly surprised to find that your cleaners were available that same afternoon! The team came ready and willing to tackle our mess and in a few hours had a home back to normal! Well worth the cost!
     Last summer, I hired a marquee for my garden and hosted a party for my family and friends. Rather than dealing with the after party clean up myself, I employed the services of Twickenham-Cleaners. I booked this cleaning company in particular is due to their impressive reputation and a couple of friends also recommended their services and so, I booked their services. The cleaning staff arrived promptly on the following morning and effectively and efficiently cleaned up all the rubbish, taking it away with them, and tidied my garden up. I was very satisfied with the results and would recommend them.
     A lot of people hire cleaning companies solely on the basis of the price quotes that they are offered. Personally, experience has taught me that one of the most important factors to consider is the kind of equipment the cleaning contractors use. For me, safe and effective equipment is an absolute must, and if it can be ecologically friendly, then that is an added bonus. I don't like to compromise on results or safety, which is why I work only with Twickenham-Cleaners. With this cleaning company you can be guaranteed great results and no risks and damages.
     When I first hired Twickenham-Cleaners's cleaning services for the first time, I have to be honest I was not expecting much. Their prices were very low, and it all seemed too good to be true. Though, that being said, I was blown away. They offered the complete cleaning package, it seemed like there was nothing that my cleaner could not handle. Tough stains, hard to reach places, everything was taken care of! If you think that a quality cleaning service would cost a lot of money, take it from me; this company does it all for a low price.
G. Powell21/08/2014
     I was moving from my rented home and needed a spring clean service as it was looking a little grubby. I didn't like cleaning and was pleased when a friend told me about a cleaning company she had just used. Twickenham-Cleaners were brilliant and did a fabulous job. The cleaners came on a day to suit me and worked nonstop. The meticulous cleaners completely sanitised the kitchen and bathroom not missing a single spot. Then the rest of the house was left immaculately gleaming and clean. I was so pleased not only with the service but also the price. Thank you so very much.
S. Ayon24/07/2014
     I own a number of student properties in London and there are many times, after a tenant has left, that I have to have them professionally cleaned because of all the mess left behind. It's vital to have it done quickly so that I can advertise the places I rent out to prospective new tenants and the end of tenancy cleaning service from Twickenham-Cleaners has always been there for me. I've been able to get my flats and houses clean very quickly and they have been able to come on the same day that I have made the enquiry on many occasions. They bring all the cleaning products they need so all I have to do is make the call.
     I was looking up different cleaning companies and Twickenham-Cleaners stood out as the best. Each firm had different things to offer, varied staff and so on, but Twickenham-Cleaners drew me in. The operators keenly listened to what I needed and supplied everything necessary. I received a free quote that ensured I got the right service and for a good deal. Their cleaners were friendly and killed at their job, so they completed every chore properly and swiftly. I have called and hired them on a number of occasions now and they easily surpass the other removal firms I've looked into.
Walter Grange20/06/2014
     If you're struggling to think of the best way to shift stains, then there's only one group who you need to get in touch with: Twickenham-Cleaners. After racking my brains and wearing myself out trying to figure out how to approach the entire cleaning process, it was only when I hired them that I realised just how easy the right kind of expertise could make this. And now I'll not be going back. I know who to call now when I need cleaning help and I'm confident that they could help in any situation. A great service.
Anne Cook04/06/2014
     We'd like to thank the boys form Twickenham-Cleaners who came round to sort out our place after a recent gathering. There was the usual array of spillages and muddy footprints in all areas of the house, so it was great to let the cleaners sort it out, rather than stressing about it all! In reality, the cleaning only took a few hours, so the price was not too much in the end, so we were pretty chuffed about that! An excellent cleaning company, who give an excellent price range, there is very little that you can argue with in terms of great value over all!
Carlton Woods29/04/2014
     This is definitely the most comprehensive cleaning company in the area. For a few different reasons I've used some different companies in the area and I could never really say that I received a great service but the first time I felt very satisfied to pay Twickenham-Cleaners because they were so efficient. They offer real value for money and show great attention to detail in the home. All surfaces, floors and even the windows were completed to perfection, to a much higher standard than any other companies that I've used. Not a speck of dust to be seen and a fantastic all round service.
Mark Johnson08/04/2014
     If you're looking for someone to help with your cleaning, then I can definitely recommend a service for you. For a long while now, I've come to depend on Twickenham-Cleaners to make sure that my home is kept as clean as possible when I don't have the time. Every single week I get to enjoy the benefits of a clean home without any of the hassle of actually doing it myself. When it comes to finding the time so I can actually enjoy myself, their employees mean that I basically discover a few extra wonderful hours every week.
Angela Parker19/03/2014
     I needed to find a cleaner for my house when my wife fell ill and could no longer handle the responsibility. I called Twickenham-Cleaners because they're a popular cleaning company amongst my friends. My home gets a thorough and professional clean on weekly basis now, and I couldn't be more impressed with the results! My cleaner always does a great job and my house looks immaculate almost all of the time. I didn't think that a cleaning company could provide the level of service that I was looking for, but I was totally proven wrong! What an excellent service!