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Six Ways To Use Lemon In Home Cleaning
01May 2014
Six Ways To Use Lemon In Home Cleaning1.    Try using lemon as a basic surface cleaner. You will find that the acidity in the lemon juice will cut through grease and grime, making it a very good surface cleaner for all sorts of different areas in the house. If you add lemon juice to a little warm water and put it in a spray bottle, then you basically have the equivalent of an expensive household cleaner form the super market! This is an excellent way to save cash, and will leave your house smelling wonderfully fresh and clean for days and days! 2.    Mix lemon with baking soda and a little salt to make a high powered cream cleaner with abrasive qualities. The acidic lemon will again cut through the grease, and ensure that the dirt is dealt with efficiently. However, adding baking soda means that you get a really good fizzing action that will speed up the cleaning a fair amount, and then the salt will be added abrasion, scraping away at tougher marks and stains. In many ways, this cleaner can be used all over the home, and for particularly tough marks, you should spread it over the area first, and leave it for a few minutes, to do its job properly before you do so. 3.    When you are thinking about trying to keep the fridge form getting smelly, it may be an idea to use lemon to do so! If you have used lemon juice when cleaning or cooking, then save the halved lemon rinds, and scoop them out. Even if you have taken the zest of the rinds, they will be fine to use. You can fill the lemon halves with either salt of baking soda, to give you a fantastic natural air cleaner that will deodorize the fridge, and give you a fresh scent as well! The salt or baking soda is fantastic for soaking up nasty smells. 4.    If you are having trouble cleaning the microwave, then have a think about how you can use lemon to your advantage. Squeeze a lemon’s juice in to a bowl and then fill it up with water. Microwave the bowl on high for four minutes, and then give the inside of the unit a wipe down. The lemon’s degreasing juice will have evaporated with the heat and clung to the walls of the microwave, making them much easier to clean. 5.    In a similar vein, try putting left over lemon rinds in the dishwasher if you feel like it is getting a little clogged up. The regular addition of the lemon’s gentle acid will ensure that the pipes and water works of the dishwasher get a good clean without you have to put any extra effort in. The dishwasher will basically clean itself if you put the right cleaning agents in to it, so it is essential that you are doing so in a thrifty and clever way! 6.    Try washing up with lemon as your sponge! A halved lemon will form an easily gripped cleaning tool, as it is a great source of acidic cleaning power. If you feel like you perhaps use too much washing up liquid, try cleaning with a lemon half, by rubbing the cut end on the plates as you wash them. Adding a little baking soda of salt to the lemon will give you even better cleaning power, so it is well worth a go, even if just to test out the methods at hand, and to see how well they can work for you!

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