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Tips On Hiring A Long Term Domestic Cleaner
23Jan 2015
Tips On Hiring A Long Term Domestic CleanerIn today’s hectic society where many families have an extremely busy schedule, day to day house cleaning tasks are often neglected. Domestic cleaning is highly important, but it often gets put on the backburner to make way for other tasks and commitments. Unfortunately this can lead to an increase in stress levels and contribute to an unhealthy atmosphere in the home. There are ways to deal with house cleaning. If you can’t fit it into your busy schedule, why not consider hiring professional cleaning services? There are many cleaning companies that offer domestic cleaning services and trained, professional staff members who can make your life easier at home. When you are looking to hire a long term domestic cleaner, there are many questions you need to ask yourself and things you should consider. Consult this list below as a starting point to get you thinking about what you want to get out of hired house cleaning help. -    Make some decisions about what areas of the home need the most cleaning. There may rooms that you want to be cleaned thoroughly each week, and other rooms that you feel don’t need much attention. Make a list about what areas of your house need the most cleaning. -    Chat to your friends, family and neighbours to see if they have hired a professional cleaner before. If so, get their honest opinion on the cleaning company. If they aren’t keen to give them a positive recommendation, it may be best to invest in another company. -    When researching cleaning companies, make sure the company is bonded and insured. It is important to protect yourself and your home against the potential of breakages or theft. These are unlikely to happen, but it is better to be safe than sorry. -    When contacting companies, make sure you are able to get a quote for the services you want. Ensure that you have a clear idea at this point of what services you are looking for so that you are roped into paying for something you don’t want. If possible, try to arrange a complimentary home consultation from the company to get a good feel for their work ethos. -    During this discussion period with different companies, ask about what products they use. Are they chemical free? What toxins are in them? Would you prefer natural products in your home? Take into account if you have pets or children with an allergy and make sure you aren’t harming their environment when hiring house cleaning help. -    Once you hire the cleaning company of your choice, get some things prepared before the cleaner arrives. -    Make a schedule of what you want cleaned while they are there. It is your right to be clear about what needs attending to and will be of benefit of the cleaner as well. -    It is best to put any confidential documents and paper away in a drawer while the cleaner is there. Although you trust the cleaning company, it is just a good way to protect yourself and your family. -    Importantly, remember that the expert you have hired is a person. Treat them with respect and gratitude. If you are present while they are cleaning, don’t tip toe around them. Have a chat, get to know them and build up a relationship of trust and respect. If they are going to be a long term cleaner in your home, it is best to establish positive boundaries early on.

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